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Motor Vehicle guidance
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Last Updated: 2014/1/8
Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes:

In order to qualify for Motor Vehicle abatement on an excise tax bill you must do 2 things:
Dispose of the vehicle and dispose of the plates.
There are no exceptions.

Disposing of the vehicle means trading it in, selling it to a private party or totaling it.
If you trade it in, we must have the name of the dealer and their location.
If you sell it to a private party, we must have their name and location.
If it is totaled, we must have a letter from the insurance company declaring it was totaled.

Disposing of the plates means you transferred them to another vehicle or you cancelled the registration at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
If you transferred them, we must have a copy of the Certificate of Registration for the new vehicle.
If you cancelled them, we must have a copy of the Plate Return Receipt from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

No abatement will be granted until the proper documentation is submitted to this office.
If you do not have all the information you should pay the excise tax bill in order to avoid interest and late charges, which will be charged even if you are going to apply for Motor Vehicle abatement.

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