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Full Text of Responsibilities
Finance Committee Responsibilities:
1. The Finance Committee shall report the actions it recommends to be taken on articles contained in a Town Meeting warrant, in writing, together with a brief statement of the reason for each such recommendation.  [Charter Article 2, Section 3, Subsection A.]

2. All articles in any Warrant for every Town Meeting shall be referred to the Finance Committee for its consideration.  The Finance Committee shall then hold a Public Hearing at least fourteen days before such Town Meeting, upon all articles.  After due consideration of the subject matter of the Articles in any Warrant, the Finance Committee shall make a written publicized report thereon at least five days prior to any Town Meeting, and shall also make such recommendations to every Town Meeting as it deems best to serve the interest of the Town.  [General Bylaws Section IV, Subsection D]

3. Action on the Budget
a. Public Hearing and Review: The Finance Committee shall consider, in open public hearing, the detailed expenditures proposed for each Town agency and may confer with representatives of each such agency in connection with its review and consideration. [Charter Article 5, Section 7., Subsection A & B]
b. Reports and Town Meeting: The Finance Committee shall file a report containing its recommendations for the action to be taken by Town Meeting on each line item in the proposed operating budget, which report shall be available at least seven days before the date on which the Town Meeting acts on the proposed budget.  When the amendments which have been submitted subsequent to its initial filing is before the Town Meeting for action, it shall first be subject to amendments, if any, proposed by the Finance Committee before any other amendments shall be proposed.  [Charter Article 5, Section 7., Subsection C & D]
c. Manner of Setting Up Its Recommendation: It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee annually not only to consider the expenditures of all of the various municipal departments in previous years but also to consider the estimated requirements of the ensuing year of all of the various boards, officers, committees and departments of the Town as prepared by the Town accountant in such form and detail as may be prescribed by the Finance Committee for their due and serious consideration. The Finance Committee shall then add, to such statement of expenditures and estimates, another or third column entitled “recommendations” giving the amounts which in the opinion of the Finance Committee shall further add thereto such explanations and suggestions relating to the proposed appropriations as it may deem expedient and proper.  [General Bylaws Section IV, Subsection E]

4. Capital Planning Program: The Town Manager shall submit a Capital Improvement Program to the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee at least one hundred fifty days before the start of each fiscal year.  [Charter Article 5, Section 8.]

5. Reserve Fund: To provide for extraordinary or unforeseen expenditures, a town may at an annual or special town meeting appropriate or transfer a sum or sums not exceeding in the aggregate five per cent of the levy of the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the fund, to be known as the reserve fund, is established. No direct drafts against this fund shall be made, but transfers from the fund may from time to time be voted by the finance or appropriation committee of the town, in towns having such a committee, and in other towns by the selectmen; and the town accountant in towns having such an official, and in other towns the auditor or board of auditors, shall make such transfers accordingly.  [MGL, Chapter 40: Section 6]

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