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The Medicare "Donut Hole"


Did YOU reach the “donut hole” last year?

If so… chances are you could reach it again!

If you have a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan and do not get Extra Help, you will reach that coverage gap when the total retail cost of your prescription drugs reaches $2960. Then you will pay 45% of the cost of brand name drugs and 65% for generics.  Think what that means…. a $300 brand name drug will now cost you $135!
This is where Prescription Advantage can help.

Prescription Advantage, the Massachusetts prescription drug assistance program, can help pay for you prescription drugs when you reach the “donut hole.”

To find out how to lower your drug costs, call Prescription Advantage at: 1-800 243-4636 or TTY (toll free) at 1-877-610-0241for the deaf and hard of hearing with Text Telephone capability.  You can also visit our web-site:

The money you save can be your own!

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