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TreeofLife.gifSue L'Heureux and her Sunshine Tours

Hello all!
Just a couple of quick notes!
For all of you coming to the Loretta Laroche trip, we will be leaving WalMart Whitinsville at 9:45 and Westboro Senior Center at 10:30.  We will eat 1st and then the show and return home around 6PM or so.
If you're coming on the trip to the Outer Banks, don't forget time in Whitinsville is 6:30 to load bus and hopefully leave by 6:45, then Westboro at 7:30.  I believe I mentioned that the step-on guide gratuities are included but not the driver.  Recommended is $3 - $4/day, but it's totally at your discretion. Also if you have any food allergies, please let me know.  All the restaurants look great and got really good reviews!  There will be a choice of 4 items at each, but if you're gluten-free, etc. they will need to know that ahead of time. (You can let me know on the bus.) 
Don't forget that payment (at least a deposit) is due at the time of booking (within 7 days.)  Seat assignments on the bus and in the theatres are based according to FULL payment. 
If you're planning to come to the trip to VT on Sept 30, the check should be made to Conway Tours.  $85.  There will only be one pick up in Whitinsville, no Westboro pick up. I only reserved 25 seats so if you're coming, I will need the $ ASAP. IF you can send full payment at least for one person in your party (preferably for all), that would be better than sending $25. each or however you would send a deposit. Conway does not want to have the extra paperwork. 
If you're planning on the trip to the Villa Roma in the Catskills, please remember that we will be returning on Nov. 8 which is election day. You will need to obtain an absentee ballot and vote ahead of time.  We will not be home in time before the polls close. 
The trip to Niagara Falls only has 12 more spots.  IF you've signed up w/out a deposit, please send that ASAP otherwise your name will be taken off the list when the trip is full and people keep calling.
Don't forget, instead of emailing me, you can just go to the Douglas senior center website and all the flyers are posted and you can open each one and find out all the information that you need. Go to and click on "Boards and committees" at the top of the page, then "Council on aging" and then on the left sidebar, "sunshine club/trips" and there they are!!  The Uxbridge Senior Center website is also a place to find out information.  Each month they write a new newsletter and updated trip information is there.   -- click on "council on aging" and then Newsletter (under links for seniors and caregivers).  
ALSO DON'T FORGET THE DIAMOND TOURS WEBSITE:  That has info on the Niagara Falls trip and the NYC trip w/flyers, videos, insurance information and more.

Thanks so much!  Have a great weekend!

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