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Compreshensive Wastewater Management Planning
Contact TypeContact Information
Benn S. Sherman, P.E.
Director of Public Works
Jim Legg
Wastewater Operations Supervisor
Wastewater Treatment Facility
80 River Road
Uxbridge, MA
Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
DPW Team
Benn S. Sherman, P.E.
Jim Legg
Wastewater Operations Supervisor
Water & Sewer Commissioners
Justin Piccirillo-Chair
Peter Baghdasarian
Jeffrey Shaw
Jim Hogan
Jen Modica
CWMP Advisory Group
Lance Anderson
Steve O'Connell
Wayne Tucker
Cari Robertson
What is a ComprehensiveWastewater Management Plan?
The comprehensive wastewater management planning process is the process whereby current and future wastewater needs are evaluated, wastewater management alternatives are developed which will meet these needs, and a final plan is chosen through careful comparison and evaluation of the alternatives.  The process must include the necessary steps in ensuring that the planning effort results in the most cost effective, environmentally sound wastewater management plan.   A comprehensive wastewater management plant ypically has a planning horizon of twenty years.

Why do we have to complete a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan?
The Town was given a new discharge permit in 2014.  Permits are usually renewed every five years.  In addition to the new permit allowing the Town to continue to operate its current wastewater treatment facility, it also required a higher level of treatment as well as mandated that a Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan be completed.

Why is it a good idea to complete a ComprehensiveWastewater Management Plan?
It is true that the Town is required to complete a comprehensive wastewater management plan, but it also represents a benefit to the Town.  The new discharge permit will require that the existing wastewater treatment facilities be upgraded to meet more stringent treatment requirements.  The development of a comprehensive wastewater management plan will provide the basis for the size of these upgraded facilities.

How will the development of the Plan be communicated?
We will be providing periodic updates to the Selectmen and other Town Boards throughout the year.  This website will be updated as presentations are given and as new information becomes available.  The general public may also follow the process by signing up on the Town web site for “e alerts” under “News & Announcements”.  You can also follow us on Facebook to get up to date information on the planning effort.

How can I help?
Anyone who is interested in learning more about this process or who would like to participate in the process, should contact the Department of Public Works Administration office at 508-278-8616.

Detail Detail
Town of Uxbridge, 21 South Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 278-8600