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Frequently Asked Questions
1032012_35123_0.jpgUPD FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions & Answers)

Notice Any one who has a license to carry firearms or FID Card may be getting a renewal notice in the mail. Only persons with FID cards need renew. Persons with a license to carry firearms have their license expire on the date listed on the bottom of the card.

Q: When can I get license to carry firearms? A: Check the New Firearms Licensing Law summary at the botom of this page.

Q: What are the requirements for obtaining a license to carry firearms? A: Issuance of a license to carry firearms is dependent on the following requirements: Applicant must have attained the age of 21 be a U.S. Citizen or proof of naturalization, complete the standard application form and have completed a handgun safety course sanctioned by Massachusetts State Police. A list of these and any other requirements are available at any time from the dispatch office at the Police Department.
This year a new Firearms bill has been signed in to law. The specifics of this bill are listed on this bottom of this page as they pertain to firearms licensing. Updates will be listed as information is relayed to this Department from the Sate Firearms Records Bureau. KEEP CHECKING FOR THOSE UPDATES. Most changes are scheduled to go into effect in October 21, 1999. All Persons currently licensed will have their FIDs expire in 1999 or the year 2000. The Firearms Records Bureau will be sending you information of this.

Q: If I am going on vacation should I notify the police? A: The Uxbridge Police has available to the citizens of Uxbridge a form that can be filled out and left with us so that we can make extra checks of your residence while you are away. Although we cannot guarantee that something will not happen during your trip, it will give you some tips on securing your house and will give us a resource she we need to notify someone in case of an incident. This form is available at the Dispatch Office at the Police Department at any time.

Q: When Should I dial 911? A: As a rule of thumb you should dial 911 to Report a Crime in progress, Report a Fire, or to Save a Life. Otherwise calls for routine business should be made by calling 508-278-7755 for the police department or 508-278-2787 for the fire department.

Q: What are the available dates for firearms licenses? Please drop off your applications any time approximately 50 to 60 days prior to expiration of your old license. After a records check you will be called so that an appointment may be set up for the next step in the license process. First Time Applicants need to submit a copy of their firearms safety course with their application.

NEW FIREARMS LICENSE LAW including October 19,1998 ammendments.

The effective date for the New Firearms License Law is October 21, 1998 and there are many changes that will effect anyone who currently has or wishes to obtain an FID card or License to Carry Firearms (LTC).

The Uxbridge Police Department is working hard to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. With this in mind, we have outlined some of the crucial aspects of the new laws.

1. There are now two (2) classes of LTCs – Class A and B. The class you are issued will depend on the type of firearm you own or expect to own. The license duration is four (4) years.

- You must be 21 years of age to be issued a license to carry a firearm (Class A or B). The class you are issued will be dependent upon the type of firearm you own or expect to own. The license is valid for four (4) years.

- A Class A license is required to carry any loaded and concealed firearm on a public way or place.

2. FID cards authorize the possession of non-large capacity rifles and shotguns.

- You must be 18 years of age to qualify for this card.
- A person age 15-17 may obtain a FID card with the written permission of their parent.

3. First time applicants (non-renewal) for LTCs or FIDs must complete an approved Firearms Safety course.

- Numerous course offerings are available and a list can be obtained by contacting licensed gun dealers.

- You may apply for a Mace or Incapacitating Spray only FID card. A Firearms Safety course is not required for these cards.

4. There are some factors that will disqualify a person for a LTD or FID card. They are as follows:

If the Applicant:

- Has been convicted of a felony (juvenile or adult), a misdemeanor punishable by more than 2 years imprisonment (assault & battery & subsequent offense OUI convictions and other crimes are in this category), a violent crime, weapons or drug offense.

- Has been confined to a hospital or institution for mental illness, unless he has an affidavit from a physician stating that he is not disabled by such illness in a manner that prevents him from possessing a firearm.

- Is or was under treatment for or confinement for drug addiction or habitual drunkenness, unless deemed cured by a physician.

- Is an alien (not a U.S. citizen).

- Is subject to an outstanding arrest warrant.

- Is subject to a surrender order or protection order pursuant to Mass General Law 209A.

With respect to FID cards, the disqualifications listed above do not apply after 5 years from the date of conviction or release from confinement except that there is a lifetime disqualification for violent crimes or crimes involving trafficking of drugs.

- Upon the occurrence of a disqualifying event, the license or permit that has been issued shall be revoked or suspended.

All FID cards and LTC will be valid for 4 years and are subject to earlier suspension or revocation. Notice possessing a valid FID or LTC from the State of Massachusetts does not exempt you from adherence to applicable Federal Firearms laws.

The application fee for both licenses is $100.00. There is no renewal fee for Mace only FID cards and persons over the age of 70.

Expiration of Current Cards

FID cards issued prior to October 21, 1998 expire according to the following schedule:

- If the licensee’s birthday is between July 1 - December 31, it expires on his/her birthday in 1999.

- If the licensee’s birthday is between Jan 1 – June 30, it expires on his/her birthday in 2000.

LTC permits issued before Oct. 21 will expire on the expiration date listed on their card.

Renewal of current LTC or FID cards will not have the new Firearms Safety course requirement provided the permit is renewed at the appropriate time in the year 1999 or 2000 (which ever applies).

Because of the additional administrative tasks involved in processing the new licenses, effective October 21, 1998, applications may be dropped off at any time with the dispatcher at the Uxbridge Police Department. Please fill out the forms and submit the original. The records check, etc. will be done and you will be contacted to set up an appointment at a time convenient to both the applicant and the licensing officer for the further processing (fee payment, fingerprints, photos etc.) Upon approval from the State Police regarding the fingerprint chek, the FIREARMS license or FID will be issued and you will be notified that you can pick it up. NOTE: The dispatchers will not accept money or photographs at the time the application is dropped off.

Please remember to circle on your application a telephone number where you can be reached during the day.

In the near future additional aspects of the Firearms Laws can be researched by a weblink from our Uxbridge Police Department website.

In conclusion, please be patient during the transition period. Persons who renew and are disqualified will be notified in writing and will be entitled to a statutory appeal process. Per the statute application fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. However, verbal appeals to the Uxbridge Police Department based on disqualifying events of the applicant, cannot be addressed by the Chief of Police or the Firearms Licensing Officer. These types of complaints may be addressed to your State or Federal Senators and Representatives, the Governor or the President, as they are the only ones who are empowered to make, change or amend the State and Federal laws, or the State Firearms Appeals Board.

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