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Uxbridge Police Contacts

Sergeant Timothy Burke Duties - Shift Supervisor - Mobile Operations Unit Supervisor, Field Training Unit Supervisor, Dispatch Supervisor,

Sergeant Scott Brown Duties - Shift Supervisor, CEMLEC Accident Reconstruction Unit Team Leader, Department Training Supervisor, Sex Offender Registry Officer, Training Supervisor,  Background Investigation and Internal Affairs

Sergeant David Bergeron Duties - Shift Supervisor, Sexual assault unit member, Evidence Officer, Fire Investigator, Mobile Operations Unit member

Detective Steven Prior Duties - Detective- MCJTC Instructor - Firearms Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, R.A.D. Instructor, FTO, Mobile Operations Unit member, Basic Crime Scene Identification Unit Supervisor

Officer Paul Stuczynski Duties - Patrol Officer - Mobile Operations Unit member, Fleet Supervisor

Officer Kevin MacDonald Duties - Patrol Officer -Department Armorer,  Firearms Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Central Mass SWAT Team Leader, Mobile Operations Unit member

Officer Daniel Deveau Duties - Juvenile Officer, Gang Resistance Education Instructor, Sex Offender Registry Officer, School Resource Officer, Sexual Assault Investigator

Officer Josiah Morrissette Duties - Patrol Officer, Firearms licensing Officer, Drug Recognition Expert, Mobile Operations Unit member ,Department Grant Writer

Officer Kevin Sullivan - Patrol Officer, Evidence Officer, FTO, Background Investigator

Officer Benjamin Smoot -Duties - Patrol Officer, Sex Offender Registry Officer, Basic Crime Scene Identification Unit Investigator  

Officer Thomas B. Stockwell Jr.- Duties - Patrol Officer, Background Investigator, SWAT

Officer John Larrabee - Duties - Patrol Officer, Social Media Officer, Child Seat Installation Officer

Officer Timothy Dean - Duties - Patrol Officer, Social Media Officer, Sexual Assault Investigator, Fire Investigator

Officer Peter M. Bates Jr. - Duties - Patrol Officer, Mobile Operations Unit member, Social Media Team Leader, Community Policing Team Leader,  Department Computer Administrator.

Officer Timothy Sawash - Student Officer Boylston Police Academy 24th ROC

Intermittent Police Officers:
Officer Steve Clinton
Officer Richard Fiske
Officer William Ethier

Civilian Personnel:

Jeanne Daley - Administrative Assistant to the Chief -Matron - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Lisa Ellis - Dispatcher - Certified Telecommunicator - EMT,
Melanie Blodgett-O'Toole - Dispatcher - Department Public Information Officer, Dispatcher,  Certified Telecommunicator, Social Media Monitor
James Flagg - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Joseph Lefebvre Dispatcher EMT, Certified Telecommunicator
Nicole Desruisseaux - Dispatcher EMT, Certified Telecommunicator
Kristen Vaidya - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Kevin Feen - Dispatcher, Paramedic, Certified Telecommunicator
Nick Bertone- Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Shanna Jackman - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Cherie Schlegel - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator

Animal Control Officer:

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Uxbridge Police Department, 275 Douglas St., Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 278-7755     EMERGENCY PHONE: 911