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Uxbridge Police Contacts

 Uxbridge Police Department Staff Directory


Sergeant Timothy Burke (4) Duties - Shift Supervisor - Mobile Operations Unit Supervisor, Field Training Unit Supervisor, Dispatch Supervisor,

Sergeant David Bergeron(5) Duties - Shift Supervisor, Sexual assault unit member, Evidence Officer, Fire Investigator, Mobile Operations Unit member

Sergeant Kevin MacDonald (6) Duties - Shift Supervisor, -Department Armorer,  Firearms Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Central Mass SWAT Team Operator Less Lethal Instructor, Department Training Supervisor

 Sergeant Josiah Morrissette (7) Duties - Shift Supervisor - Firearms licensing Officer,  Mobile Operations Unit member ,Department Grant Writer, Citizens Police Academy, Accreditation

Detective Steven Prior (11) Duties - Detective- Field Training Officer- MPTC Instructor - Firearms Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, R.A.D. Instructor, Mobile Operations Unit member, Basic Crime Scene Identification Unit Supervisor

Officer Paul Stuczynski (16) Duties - Patrol Officer - Mobile Operations Unit member, Fleet Supervisor

Officer Daniel Deveau (19) Duties - Juvenile Officer, Gang Resistance Education Instructor, Sex Offender Registry Officer, School Resource Officer, Sexual Assault Investigator, ALICE Instructor

Officer Scott Brown (17) Duties - Patrol Officer, CEMLEC Accident Reconstruction Team Member,  Sex Offender Registry Officer

Officer Kevin M. Sullivan (21) - Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Evidence Officer, Background Investigator

Officer Benjamin Smoot (22) - Duties - Patrol Officer, Sex Offender Registry Officer, Basic Crime Scene Identification Unit Investigator  

Officer Thomas B. Stockwell Jr (24).- Duties - Patrol Officer, Background Investigator, SWAT, K-9

        K-9 Bear (K9) (27) - Duties- Patrol, Narcotics Detection

Officer John Larrabee (25) - Duties - Patrol Officer, Social Media Officer, Child Seat Installation Officer, Firearms Licensing Officer

Officer Timothy Dean (26) - Duties - Patrol Officer, Social Media Officer, Sexual Assault Investigator, Fire Investigator

Officer Timothy Sawash (28) - Duties -Patrol Officer, Social Media Officer

Officer William Ethier (29)- Duties - Patrol Officer, Social Media Officer

Officer Keith Stratton (30)  - Duties - Patrol Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Field Training Officer, Background Investigator, ALICE Instructor

  Officer Kyle Tripp (31)  - Presently attending the Massachusetts State Police Municipal Police Officer's Academy.

Officer Ian Dejong (61)
Officer Steve Clinton (62)
Officer Richard Fiske (64)
Officer Daniel Cahill (63)
Officer Charles Reardon (65)  

Jeanne Daley - Administrative Assistant to the Chief -Matron - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator, Web Page Administrator
Joseph Lefebvre Lead Dispatcher,  Certified Telecommunicator
Lisa Ellis - Dispatcher - Certified Telecommunicator
Laura Laverdiere - Dispatcher - Certified Telecommunicator
Cathy Grant - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Shanna Jackman - Certified Telecommunicator

Brian MacDonald- Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Kristen Vaidya - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Melanie Blodgett-O'Toole - Dispatcher -  Public Information Official, Certified Telecommunicator
Mike Wilson  - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator
Ashley, McCall  - Dispatcher, Certified Telecommunicator

Kevin D. Sullivan  

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Uxbridge Police Department, 275 Douglas St., Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 278-7755     EMERGENCY PHONE: 911