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New Website Project Overview
It is best to think of a municipal website as no more than an extension of your department.  Whatever people can get by visiting your office (with a few exceptions) they should be able to get online, 24 hours a day.  These may include applications, forms, regulations, procedures, programs, notices, minutes, bylaws, etc.  Over time, you should see phone calls and foot traffic reduced as some of their basic needs are met, freeing up some of your time for other needs.

So, it is important you try to place as much useful information onto your site as you can.  You provide the information to us - we build the pages and create all of the internal navigation for visitors to find it.  This is a four-step process.

Step One:  Department Survey

We need some basic information about your department – names, contact info, staff members, etc.  Please click on the following link and fill out this survey between now and your meeting.  [NOTE: We will be able to revise all the information on this survey, when necessary].

Step Two:  Start Thinking About Content

Within each department we place all of the useful information (applications, forms, regulations, etc,)  in a section called “Additional Links”.  The purpose of our upcoming meeting is to discuss and decide on what this information will be.

Between now and then we would like you to think about the information you want to post by reviewing the following websites.   IF POSSIBLE:  Please write down your ideas and bring them with you to the meeting.

a. The New Website:  We have started to build your new site and have started to load some suggested “Additional Links” for your department,  Please click on the following link, then find your department listing to become familiar with what your page will look like.   [Note: all of these may not be in place until our dept meetings].

New Uxbridge Website   [NOTE:  You may want to “bookmark” this site or put it into your “FAVORITES” folder so you can refer back to it in the weeks ahead]

b. Your Current Website:  Take a look at your current website to see what specific information you want us to bring over the new site and what information you may want to update.

c. Other Municipal Websites:  It is often good practice to see what other municipalities offer their constituents online. On the table below, find your department, then click on the three examples to see what they do.
Town Administrator
Board of Assessors
Town Clerk
Conservation Comm,
Council on Aging
Building Inspector
Fire Dept.
Veteran’s Services
Parks & Recreation
Community Develop
Board of Selectmen
Light Dept

[Note:  The Mass Municipal Association website lists all municipal websites; this can be a great source for ideas you can use to build your site.  Click Here:  ].

Step Three:  Individual Department Meetings

Our primary focus is to review each of the additional links in Step Two and decide which topics will be available on your department’s webpage. 

Step Four:  Send Us Your Content

Over the next two weeks send us the actual information to support each of these “Additional Links”.  (we will discuss this more in our upcoming meeting – right now this detail is for planning purposes only). 

1) Submit text you want to display on your department's website in electronic form (for example Word documents, Excel documents, attachments to emails).

2) You may want to enable visitors to your site to link to outside websites.  If so, please send the URL (address) of those other sites.  

3) Submit documents that you'd like to remain unchanged, such applications, in PDF format.

Email to: (Identify your town and department in the subject)

That is it for now.  Please bring any questions you may have to your meeting.


Bill Letsky
Virtual Towns & Schools

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Town of Uxbridge, 21 South Main Street, Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 278-8600