Food Safety and Inspection Reports

Food Safety

All food service establishments are have a copy of this code on the premises. 

Merged Retail Food Code (2013 FDA Food Code, 2015 FDA Amendments and Retail Food Code 105 CMR 590)  
Overview of Changes to 105 CMR 590.00
Summary of all Major Changes to the Massachusetts Retail Food Code 

On January 23rd and 28th, 2020, the Uxbridge Board of Health held a free training session for all for Food Establishments on the updates to the Food Code.  Click here to view slides from the presentation. A cover letter with information on the trainings, changes to the Food Code and about our new Food Inspector was emailed and hand delivered to Food Establishments in advance of the trainings.

Routine Inspections

This Pre-Inspection Checklist includes recommended steps that each establishment take to be ready for routine inspections from your LBOH.

Helpful Reference Documents and Templates 
Duties of Person In Charge (PIC)
Wiping Cloths in Food Service
Time/Temperature Control for Safety Foods-Date Marking Foods 
Non-Continuous Cooking of Raw Animal Foods procedure form-- document that may be customized for your procedure 
Non-Continuous Cooking of Raw Animal Foods--general information on requirements
Procedure for Vomit and Diarrhea Cleanup
Juice in Food Service
Fish and Shellfish in Food Service Establishments
Reduced Oxygen Packaging Without a Variance
Refilling Returnables
HACCP Plan--When Needed, How to Do
Time as a Public Health Control Information and time control log sheets 

Food Service Equipment

Other Resources
Massachusetts Food Protection Manager Certification Exam and Trainer Directory:
Massachusetts Food Safety Education Information - Includes free information/online learning tools:
MDPH Food Protection Program website is:
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Retail Food Industry/Regulatory Assistance & Training:

Emergency Action Plans
Food Establishments in a Flood (PDF)
Food Establishments with Sewage Back-up (PDF)

Allergy Awareness
Please note that the Massachusetts Food Code 105 CMR 590.000 has been amended to included Allergy Awareness Requirements.

To file a complaint against a food establishment in Uxbridge, please contact the Board of Health at (508)278-8600 x8 or email
To file a complaint about a food product you purchased, please visit


Be Your Own Food Safety Inspector
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