Board of Selectmen

Duties & Responsibilities

The Board of Selectmen is comprised of five members with a term of three years each.  The Board serves as the chief executive board for the Town, overseeing matters affecting the community’s interest and welfare.  The Board enacts rules and regulations establishing town policies not otherwise governed by by-law, by charter, or by statute.  They have appointment authority, licensing authority, prepare warrants, and set annual meetings and elections. 

Apply for / renew License and Permits for:

  • Alcohol
  • Auto Amusement
  • Automobile Class I, II, III
  • Common Victualler
  • Entertainment

Obtain copies of:

  • Annual Reports
  • Job Descriptions
  • Meeting Agendas/Minutes - Board of Selectmen
  • Policies / Procedures

 Contact the Board of Selectmen

Board Members

Name Title
Brian Plasko Clerk
Jeff Shaw Vice Chair
Brian Butler Chair
Stephen Mandile Member
Susan Franz Member