Senior Center Transportation Policy

 Transportation to Medical Appointments

The Uxbridge Senior Center provides free transportation (donations accepted) to and from medical appointments to the following towns:  Worcester, Milford, Mendon, Franklin, Webster, Auburn, Shrewsbury and the Providence VA hospital.

We take people to medical appointments only.  Drivers cannot take you shopping or to the bank or any place other than your doctor’s office or for an appointment at the hospital.

Ride arrangements can only be made through the Senior Center office during business hours, 8am to 4 pm.  Transportation Coordinator is in the office from 8am until noon.

If school is canceled or delayed, we do not do any medical rides. It is the patients’ responsibility to cancel appointments and reschedule them.

Please do not call drivers at home to arrange or cancel an appointment.

Doctor’s appointments should be scheduled between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Drivers start at 8am and must be back at the Senior Center by 4pm.

Medical Rides should be scheduled as soon as you make an appointment with the Doctor. It is first come, first served. You may have to reschedule with the doctor.  Same day or next day appointments cannot be scheduled.

If you need help getting into the doctor’s office, please have a family member, friend or care taker accompany you to your appointment.  Our drivers cannot always help you get into the office due to parking problems.

If you are having trouble getting in and out of your house such as being in a wheelchair or using a walker, and you have steps, please be aware that our drivers cannot help you. If you have a physical emergency, you need to call 911 for an ambulance.  Our drivers are not EMT’s.

It is our pleasure to serve the Seniors of Uxbridge.  Our drivers are friendly, compassionate and very responsible and are paid from a formula grant from the State. We look forward to helping you. Please call me if you have questions or concerns.

Donna Oncay

Transportation Coordinator