Fall Annual Town Meeting Information

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updated as of 10/19/21

Hello Uxbridge Residents!

Fall Annual Town Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 26 & 27, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at  Valley Chapel, 14 Hunter Road, Uxbridge. Below you can find all the informatoin you need for FATM.  Should you have any questions about any of the Articles or Town Meeting, please contact the Town Manager's Office at 508-278-8600 x2001 or ssette@uxbridge-ma.gov.

Town Warrant (click here) - updated 9/9/21 

Town Warrant Report (click here)   - updated 10/13/21 

Hear from the Town Manager  (click here) - coming soon

Cornet John Farnum House Architectural Survey & Feasibility Study (click here) - 10/14/21 

Board of Selectmen Recommendations (click here) - coming soon 

Finance Committee Recommendations (click here) - coming soon

Planning Board Recommendations (click here) - coming soon

Capital Planning Committee Recommendations (click here) - 10/19/21 

Get your Questions Answered - Warrant Q&A's (click here) - coming soon