Septic Systems-How They Work and How to Keep Them Working

EPA SepticSmart

Septic tanks hold water that can carry harmful bacteria and micro-organisms, that could potentially come into contact and pollute stormwater, groundwater, rivers, lakes, and streams. Managing stormwater is a key component of maintaining your septic system. Stormwater isn’t supposed to end up in your septic tank. Unless you have a hole in your tank, or your tank cover is damaged, a rainstorm – even one that’s heavy – isn’t likely to flood your tank . That doesn’t mean rain won’t affect your septic system, though. Septic Systems - "How They Work and How to Keep Them Working" (PDF): For more information about the Town of Uxbridge's stormwater management program, please visit our website or contact the Uxbridge DPW at 508-278-8616.