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1/12/22  - Press Release & New Information about the Program  - click here 


Previous Information
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12/21/22:FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Uxbridge Community Electricity Program: Launching March 2023 with a rate of 16.310 cents per kWh

Uxbridge, MA – (12/21/22) – The Town of Uxbridge announces that it will launch its electricity aggregation program, known as Uxbridge Community Electricity, in March 2023. The program is designed to provide more electricity options for residents and businesses in Uxbridge. The program was approved by residents at Town Meeting and by the Department of Public Utilities.

The program prices will be fixed over the 21-month term of the Electric Service Agreement from March 2023 through December 2024. The standard product of the program will be 16.310 cents per kWh. The National Grid Residential Basic Service rate from November 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023 is 33.891 cents per kWh. Future savings under the program compared to the National Grid Residential Basic Service rate are not guaranteed.

The program will have one optional product with 100% renewable energy content at 17.850 cents per kWh.  All additional renewable energy will be provided from MA Class I Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

In late January 2023, Uxbridge will start a public outreach effort to inform residents and businesses about the program. All Uxbridge electricity accounts on National Grid Basic Service will be eligible for automatic enrollment in the standard product as of their March 2023 meter read. At least 30 days before enrollment, each eligible customer will receive a Customer Notification Letter with detailed program information and instructions on how to choose an optional product or how not to participate. Customers can opt-out of the program at any time without penalties or termination fees.

Customers who are currently enrolled with a third-party electric supplier will not receive the Customer Notification Letter and will not be automatically enrolled. These customers can voluntarily join the program but may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from their current supplier.

The price for all program products includes a commission fee of $0.001 per kWh for the aggregation consultant for program management.

For more information about the program, go to uxbridgeelectricity.org or call 508-301-4152

Press Release Contact: Steven Sette, ssette@uxbridge-ma.gov; (508) 278-8600 x 2002


10/19/22 - DPU Approval  - Click Here 

The Uxbridge Community Electricity website, you can find more details about the program and follow the program development timeline.  There is also a form to get in touch with the program organizers should you have any questions and offer your feedback.