Mandatory Water Ban on Non-Essential Outdoor Water Use

On August 2, 2022, the Board of Selectmen, acting as Water and Sewer Commissioners, voted to increase the water use restrictions associated with the declaration a state of water supply conservation in accordance with the Town of Uxbridge General Bylaws Section 336, Water Conservation and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Water Management Act (WMA). Effective with the vote and declaration of the Level 3-Critical Drought designation, the Town is implementing Level 3 Restrictions, which call for a BAN on ALL NON-ESSENTIAL OUTDOOR WATER USE. To view the drought alert notice issued by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs and MEMA select here. To view the DPW's notice select here.  The DPW will monitor the conditions and update the public as conditions change. For more information, please contact the DPW Administration Office at 508-278-8616.