Uxbridge School Committee Meeting Agenda

Uxbridge High School Library/Zoom Hybrid Meeting
Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 6:30pm

This meeting will be held in a hybrid fashion.  The meeting can be accessed via Zoom by using the link 




               Users should enter their full name to be given access to the meeting.  Users wishing to make a comment during the public comment session may do so by using the “raise hand” function or by sending an email to chair at mkeane@uxbridge.k12.ma.us prior to 5 pm on Wednesday January 5, 2022.


                A reminder that persons who would like to view/listen to this meeting live may do so by watching the Government Channel@ www. uxbridqetv.orq or on Uxbridge Community Television Channel 194. For those unable to watch it live, you may view the recording of the meeting on the Government Channel @ http://archive.uxbridqetv.org