Historical Commission

Summary of Responsibilities

  • The Uxbridge Historical Commission was established in 1966 for the preservation, protection and development of the historical or archeological assets of Uxbridge.
  • To support enforcement and awareness in statues or ordinances governed by vested authority.
  • The commission will facilitate research and surveys of the historical resources of the town.
  • Offer advice on the protection of the historical resources of the town.
  • For the purpose of protecting and preserving historic places, it may make recommendations as it deems necessary that locations be certified as an historical or archeological landmark.
  • The commission will facilitate cooperation between the other history-minded groups in town.
  • Keep an inventory of historic resources of the town.
  • Provide information on the historical resources of the town, for those who inquire.

Commission Members

Name Title
Mary Beauchamp Chair
Francis Cove Vice Chair
Roy Henry Member
Faye McCloskey Member
Peter B. Emerick Member
David Moriarty Member
Michael Potaski Member