Disability Commission

Disability Commissions may have five to thirteen members. The Town Manager is the appointing authority.

The function of the Commission on Disability is to:

  • Advise and assist municipal officials in ensuring compliance with Federal and State disability laws;
  • Review policies and activities of municipal departments and boards as they affect persons with disabilities;
  • Provide information, referral, advocacy and technical assistance to individuals,businesses and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability;
  • Coordinate the activities of other local groups organized to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • The Commission may receive gifts of property, both real and personal, subject to the approval the Board of Selectmen.

The Commission members should be people with disabilities, one member shall be a member of the immediate family of a person with a disability and one member of said commission shall be either an elected or appointed official the Town.  The Commission shall have five to thirteen members, with three-year terms, and will be appointed by the Town Manager. The Commission should operate under the auspices of the Town Manager, and be required to file an annual report to the Town Clerk for inclusion in the Town’s Annual Report on a yearly basis. The Commission should be required to post all meetings, record minutes, and file same with the Town Clerk in accordance with Town of Uxbridge by-laws and applicable Massachusetts General Laws and guidance for Commissions of Disability. In addition, all members of the Commission including the ADA Coordinator shall participate in relevant training offered by the Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) and other agencies and organizations on an annual basis.

Board Members

Name Title
Stephen Mandile Member - exp. 6/30/2026
Tina Ryan Member - exp. 6/30/2025
Elizabeth Clark Member - exp. 6/30/2024