Planning Board

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance regarding land use development and related questions and projects.
  • Provide staff review and recommendations for land use applications.
  • Ensure compliance with permit requirements during development phase.
  • Review and respond to public inquiries and concerns regarding land use issues.
  • Assist applicants in all types of project development applications.
  • When possible, coordinate application/plan reviews among Departments.
  • Assist the Town Manager, Board of Selectmen, other departments and Boards on land used and economic development projects and questions.  
  • Pursue and manage grant applications.
  • Coordinate, internally, the Building, Conservation, Economic Development, Health, Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals and other various departments.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Lynn Marchand Land Use Administrative Assistant III
Lynn Marchand

Board Members

Name Title
James Smith Chairman
Barry Desruisseaux Vice-Chairman
Barry Hauck Clerk
Eli Laverdiere Member
Joseph Leonardo Member
Melissa Shelley Administrative Assistant
Lynn Marchand Administrative Assistant