The Office of the Treasurer receives all Town revenues through departmental turn-ins. The office properly accounts for these receipts and reconciles with the Town Accountant. The Treasurer is responsible for the investments of town funds and works closely with a Financial Advisor.  The office distributes all disbursements to town employees and vendors. The office is responsible for the planning, negotiations and settlement of all temporary and permanent debt.

The Office of the Collector is responsible for the collection of all taxes and excises assessed by the Board of Assessors, and usage fees assessed by the Water/Sewer Departments. The Office also properly records and accounts for all funds received. On the occasion of a tax delinquency, the office prepares and processes tax takings. Once a taking has been perfected it becomes collectible under the Treasurer for the Town. 


The Quarterly tax bills are mailed out twice a year, July 1st and January 1st. Each bill contains two remits, the remit on the bottom is for the 1st quarter when on preliminary and the middle section is for the 2nd quarter, when the bill is the actual the bottom is the 3rd quarter remit and the middle is the 4th quarter. You will only receive the bills for Real Estate twice a year. If you are late a demand will be mailed in May after the bill cycle is complete.

The June 30th mailing contains the preliminary tax bill due August 1st 2023 and the preliminary tax bill due November 1st 2023.

The December 31st mailing contains the actual tax bill due February 1st 2024 and the actual tax bill due May 1st 2024.


Water/Sewer bills are mailed quarterly in July, October, January, and April. The bill is due 30 days from date of issue, interest and penalties may be applied for any payments received after the due date. Any water/sewer bills that are outstanding at the end of the town’s fiscal year, the Collector will then convert the outstanding bills into a water lien that will be attached to the taxpayer’s Real Estate taxes. The lien will be reflected in the third and fourth quarter Real Estate tax bill.



Excise tax bills are prepared by the Registry of Motor Vehicle according to the information on the motor vehicle registration. The excise is levied by the city or town where the vehicle is principally garaged.  Under MGL Chapter 60A all Massachusetts residents who own and register a motor vehicle must annually pay a motor vehicle excise. Also, under MGL Chapter 59, Section 2, please note that every motor vehicle whether registered or not is subject to taxation, either excise or personal property, for the privilege of road use, whether actual or future.



Payment of motor vehicle excise is due 30 days from the date the excise bill is issued (not mailed, as popularly believed). If an excise is not paid within 30 days from the issue date, the tax collector will then issue a demand notice. In addition to the demand interest will accrue on the overdue bill at a rate of 12 percent.

If the demand is not answered within 14 days, the collector will then issue a warrant to the deputy tax collector which carries another fee. The deputy collector issues the warrant notice at a cost of $12. If there still is no response a final warrant, a service warrant, will be delivered to the taxpayer at his/her residence or workplace, at a fee of $17.

If the warrants go unpaid further action will be taken with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, a mark will be placed on the taxpayer’s license and any vehicle registration the taxpayer has in his/her name. This mark will prevent renewal of both the registration and license of the taxpayer until the bill has been paid in full.



*According to Chapter 60A, section 2 of the Massachusetts General Laws, “Failure to receive notice shall not affect the validity of the excise” A person who does not receive a bill is still liable for the excise plus any interest charges accrued.

*All bills are considered paid when payment is received by the Collectors office.

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax-Quarterly due dates for FY 2024

1st Quarter – August 1st 2023

2nd Quarter- November 1st 2023

3rd Quarter- February 1st 2024

4th Quarter- May 1st 2024

Contact the Treasurer / Collector's Office to:

  • Obtain a Municipal Lien Certificate Request
  • Pay Excise Tax Bills
  • Pay Real Estate Tax Bills
  • Pay Personal Property Tax Bills
  • Pay Sewer Bills
  • Pay Water Bills

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ellen Mayo Assistant Collector (508) 278-8600, Ext. 2007
Theresa Clifton Assistant Treasurer (508) 278-8600, Ext. 2006
Christine Latimer Administrative Assistant (508) 278-8600 Ext. 2038
Stephanie L'Etalien Treasurer/Collector (508) 278-8600 Ext. 2003