In Memory of Officer Dzivasen

This page is dedicated to Our Brother Officer Chester "Chet" Dzivasen.

This ribbon is also dedicated to Our Brother

Chester Dzivasen


Officer Dzivasen was assigned badge # 23. He was a member of the department both full and part time since 1989. He succumbed to an illness on April 9, 2001, while coaching practice for a local youth baseball team.

Officer Dzivasen made a positive impact on many of his brothers and sisters on the Uxbridge Police Department as well as many members of the community that he served and protected so well.

Officer Dzivasen has and will never be forgotten.

We are proud to announce that these ribbons have just been ordered and as soon as they are in they will be affixed to every Uxbridge Police Cruiser in the fleet.

This way Officer Dzivasen will be on patrol with his brothers on every shift.